2019 Election Platform

I am thrilled to present the Green Party of Prince Edward Island 2019 election platform. We have based our platform on what Islanders have told us over the past four years and the Green Party’s six core values. But more than anything we have based it on the belief that a better future is possible for all Islanders, built on our long tradition of strong communities, self-sufficiency, and fairness.

The Green Party believes that problems cannot be resolved in isolation and that government must break down the artificial divisions that make change so difficult. For that reason we have organized our platform under three overarching themes: protecting the security, dignity, and wellness of all Islanders; building strong and resilient communities from tip to tip; and reestablishing trust in government.

Throughout all three pillars we focus on the need to be both fiscally and environmentally sustainable. We cannot have a thriving economy on a dying planet; we cannot live healthy lives if we continue to pollute our air, water and soil; and we cannot provide a bright future for our children or grandchildren if we continue to accumulate more government debt with irresponsible spending.

The role of government should be to acknowledge and address the truly difficult problems like inequality, climate change, and maintaining the social fabric that holds our communities together. These challenges cannot be resolved in four-year increments. So throughout the platform our first mandate commitments have been linked to ten-year goals and our twenty-five year vision. This is a roadmap for a much longer journey. It is my hope that long after I have stepped down from politics, other Islanders–and maybe even other political parties–will share this vision, adapt it, expand it, and continue the journey.

I believe Islanders are longing for transformative change, and the Green Party has the vision and leadership to implement that change.

Together we can imagine something better.

Peter Bevan-Baker
Leader, Green Party of PEI