Agriculture Priorities

  • Create a landbank to make land available and affordable to new farmers
  • Use LIDAR mapping and drones to determine customised recommendations for the width of buffer zones throughout the province
  • Conduct a comprehensive review of the Agricultural Crop Rotation Act to ensure the maintenance and increase of soil organic matter
  • Create a low interest loan program to encourage small-scale solar energy installations on residential, non-profit, small business, and agricultural buildings
  • Replace the current Department of Rural and Regional Development with a rural secretariat that will promote and manage rural issues across all government departments
    • The secretariat would expand beyond the current economic focus to enhancing the well-being of all rural
      Islanders and rural communities
  • Implement regulations for Organic Certification on Prince Edward Island
  • Maintain the moratorium on high capacity wells for agricultural purposes
  • Review the Land Protections Act to ensure all land purchases comply with not only the word but also the spirit of the Act
  • Increase funding to support community-led education programs and outreach activities that will result in local market expansion and improved community food security, including increased access to affordable local food
  • Expand reforestation and forestry management programs

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