Platform Costing Summary

The Green Party of PEI is committed to both fiscal and environmental sustainability. Government must show fiscal restraint and not burden future generations with unmanageable debt. For that reason we have developed a platform that will stay within our current fiscal envelope.

Our platform proposes $30 million dollars in new spending, which will result in a balanced budget for fiscal 2019-2020 and going forward. This estimate is based on current surpluses and a reallocation of funds currently held in the provincial loans portfolio to fund such commitments as extending the low-interest fishers loan program, providing microloans for small business, and loan programs to encourage green technology in residential, agriculture, and small business operations.

You can download an Excel spreadsheet of the table below.

Agriculture $307,250
Creation of a provincial landbank for new farmers $150,000
Customizing width of agricultural buffer zones $50,000
Support for organic transition and certification $107,250
Education $4,895,000
Classroom supports for teachers $500,000
ECE wage parity $3,500,000
Improve DACs $70,000
Support the development of open educational resources $25,000
Expand afterschool programs $500,000
Universal School Food Program $300,000
Environmental Sustainability & Economic Development $423,750
EV charger and purchase Incentives $203,750
Small-scale solar financing $100,000
Supporting creative and cultural industries on PEI $120,000
Fisheries $2,661,000
Expand Fishers Low Interest Loan Program $2,500,000
Fisheries Deputy Minister $161,000
Health Care $4,910,000
Birth control coverage $250,000
Eye See, I Learn expansion $50,000
Extending dental coverage $2,500,000
Freezing cost increases to long-term care beds $90,000
Introducing regulated midwifery $120,000
Improving home-care $1,900,000
Good Governance and Community Development $9,325,000
Supporting housing supply $5,500,000
Strengthening Elections PEI $75,000
Community Food Hub Program $500,000
Community sector core funding $3,000,000
Rural Secretariat/Advisory Councils $250,000
Social Services $10,175,000
Expanding social assistance rates $10,000,000
Transit policy $100,000
Basic Income Guarantee policy development $75,000
Total New Operational and Capital Spending $32,697,000
Reallocation from IIDI $2,500,000
Cost Recovery from School Food Program $210,000