An Experiment in Grassroots Policy Development

Policy wonk. Policy nerd. Policy meeting. Policy conference. Insurance policy. Discipline policy. Cancellation policy. Sorry, that’s against our policy.


Was there ever a word that telegraphed “warning: this is going to be deadly boring” as policy?

And yet, for the Green Party, policy is the wind beneath our wings, the raw material from which we develop a platform, and draft legislation.

Policy is how we translate Green core values into living, breathing change that improves the everyday lives of Islanders and our Island home.

We can live up to our commitment to grassroots, participatory democracy.

So we’re testing out a new way of making policy. Together. We want it to be not-deadly-boring. In fact we want it to be fun. And we want policy to emerge that is better than any one of us, by ourselves, could develop alone.

Will you join in? All Green Party of PEI members are welcome, and you do not need to be a policy expert. There are two parts:

Thursday, January 9, 2020: a one hour online brainstorming session, that you can join from home on your computer or mobile device.

Saturday, January 11, 2020: a half-day workshop where we take what we brainstormed, define the problems and root causes, and then develop possible options for intervention.

Please register by RSVPing below. Please note that the location for the half-day workshop will be determined at a later date subject to the number and locations of participants. Exact start and end times of the events subject to change - registered participants will be notified.

Questions? Email [email protected]


Additional background

This event is a pilot project designed by the Green Party of PEI Policy Process Development Committee - a committee consisting of GPPEI members working to develop and propose a robust grassroots policy development process for the party - one that both makes it easier for all members to participate in Green policy development, and that results in well though-out and crafted policy motions for the membership to vote on.

This particular pilot is intended to test out part of a proposed process for generating ideas that can lead to policy motion development. To kick us off, we will be proposing a broad topic area that will help participants generate many different related ideas that could form the kernels of new policy. While ideas generated during this pilot may be taken up by participants and further developed as part of the official policy development process, the primary purpose of the organizers is to test out some process tools that may become part of the full, official grassroots policy development process.


January 11, 2020 at 8:45am - 1pm
Bonshaw Community Centre
Jordan Bober ·
Kyle MacDonald Michael Varis Tayte Willows John Dalton Miranda Reeves Gail and Joe Kern Samuel Arsenault Rebecca McQuaid Clive Hawkins David Ing David MacKenzie John Westlie Justin MacPhee Adina Nault Boyd Allen Barb McDowall David MacKay John & Maureen Getson Nathan Paton Nelson Snow Olivia Duncanina Lowell Rukavina Andy Black Barbara Dylla James Keough Jonathan Williams Linda Gaudet Ed Parker Phil Ferraro John Russell Smith Sigrid Rolfe Bonnie LeClair Morgan Palmer Pamela Atkinson Dale Small Marlene Guignion Kali Ross Carol Rybinski Florence Guay-Potter David Woodbury Joshua Biggley Sarah Donald Don Wilson Maureen Blake Peter Rukavina Mark Sandiford

Will you come?