End PEI's Hidden Wind Power Tax on the Poor


PEI has been imposing a hidden, regressive tax on its residents through a law that forces utilities to purchase wind power for a far higher price than it now costs to produce. The main beneficiary: the the PEI Energy Corporation, a crown corporation which owns most of the province's wind turbines.

By artificially inflating the cost of wind power to increase government profits, the typical household pays about $200 more every year than it should - an amount that will increase substantially if PEI achieves its goal of 100% renewable electricity by 2030. Green Energy Critic Steve Howard, MLA is trying to change this with his Renewable Energy Act legislation.

As Steve wrote recently in The Guardian, "By eliminating the minimum purchase price, government would force the PEI Energy Corporation to pass along these millions of dollars to Islanders through rate reductions. By keeping the minimum purchase price, government is choosing to make millions on the backs of Islanders by intentionally keeping electricity rates high."

The minimum purchase price for renewables not only acts as a regressive hidden tax that disproportionately affects the poorest households, it also creates a disincentive against switching off fossil fuels to much cleaner electricity for things like home heating. And it has led to the perverse situation that an independent wind farm like the one at West Cape is forced to sell its power on the cheap to New Brunswick, only to be purchased back again at a higher cost by PEI.

Steve's bill #103 is being debated in the Legislature now and needs our support! Will you help by sharing this message with your networks and showing government MLAs that Islanders deserve to benefit fairly from our wind energy resources?


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