Sarah Donald - District 8

Sarah Donald is a Stanhope-Marshfield election candidate. As the Residence Life Coordinator at the University of Prince Edward Island, she is passionate about community, and mental health supports for all Islanders, especially young adults. She first became passionate about mental health while being a student and employee at the University of Winnipeg where she volunteered as the university’s cheerleading coach and for non-profit, youth mental health group,
Growing up on a farm in Saskatchewan, Sarah understands the integral role of farmers and Islanders living in rural areas. Sarah believes the government should work for and be representative of the people and hopes to make the voice of all residents within the district heard.

As an avid hiker, Sarah gained a preference for the area of Stanhope-Marshfield through hiking the Winter River Trails. She made a commitment to give back to the area by picking up trash each week along the Pleasant Grove and York roads.

Sarah was motivated to seek the Green nomination in District 8 because of her appreciation and love for the beauty of the area, and the community of unique individuals that inhabit it.

"If given the opportunity to represent the people of this district, I want to make sure that their voices are heard, and they don’t feel that their representative is inaccessible," said Sarah. "It is important to me that issues important to them are brought forward, and regular feedback and communication between individuals and me is constant. If chosen to represent the people of District 8, I would be extremely visible and accessible in the community, and would commit myself to listening and understanding the community needs."


Email: [email protected]
Phone: 902-800-7145