Spring Conference 2017

The Spring Conference is an opportunity for you, as a Green Party member, to redefine politics on PEI. Connect with other Greens and be a part of co-creating the Green future you want to see for our island! The 5 themes we'll be working on include…Getting Greens Elected: Kick-starting our preparations for the next election, with a focus on skill-building for candidates and campaign managers.Getting local: Nurture a strong Green team in your local community, to Green the island from the grassroots up, we need to grow a local presence in each of PEI’s 27 electoral districts.Building our skills! Skill-sharing to engage our members & grow the party - let’s learn how to organize better, fundraise better, and to communicate better with the public.Making change happen: Let’s talk about the big issues on PEI, and plan how to make change together: learn the arts of grassroots issue-based campaigning.Doing Politics Differently: No more ‘elected dictatorships’! Together, we’ll create a shared vision of ‘doing politics differently’, to better articulate how Greens would govern. We'll kick things off with a comunity potluck meal to share, and there will be opportunities to renew friendships and make new ones. Wonderful local musicians like Teresa Doyle & Patrick Bunston, Nick Donneff, Brian Dunn, Jon Matthews and others will entertain us all. ‘Doing politics differently’ means fostering active citizenship and grassroots democracy, and we want to model those values as part of our conference process. This will be a participatory event: we will break down the ‘presenter vs audience’ dynamic common to many conferences; everyone - including you(!) - will be a contributor, and everyone will be a learner. The emphasis is on peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and network building. Planning and participation in the Conference flow from Green Party Core Values. As a participant at the Conference you contribute to, and can expect activities consistent with these values: A culture of peace and cooperation, caring and protective communities, basic material security, voluntary co-operation between empowered individuals Personal freedom, social equity, health, happiness and human fulfillment, meaningful opportunities to participate Democratic participation and accountability Enthusiastic participation in the democratic process Local sSelf-reliance and resilience Ecological and social sustainability, providing for the needs of all people while not threatening the existence of other species and future generations Ticket details There are a limited number of tickets, with prices on a sliding scale based on income. Our intention is that no-one will be turned away for lack of funds. All tickets include the dinner on Friday and Saturday nights, as well as snacks and lunch on Saturday and Sunday. On-site childcare will be available to enable parents of young families to participate. Group transportation and overnight billeting can be arranged where necessary. If you are not yet a Green party member, registering for this conference qualifies you for a one-year membership. Event times: Full participation in all three days of the conference is strongly encouraged. Friday 9th: 5:30-7:30pm for Community Potluck dinner & leader's address by Peter Bevan-Baker + socializing 'til late. Saturday 10th: 9am-6pm Conference Sessions (with ample time for breaks, lunch and networking) + socializing 'til late. Sunday 11th: 10am-5pm Conference Sessions (including breaks, lunch, networking)
June 09, 2017 at 5:30pm - June 11, 2017

Will you come?