Steve Howard - District 22

Technology and its practical applications in making our lives better - that is what drives me. Renewable energy can work to reduce the cost of power financially and ecologically. Electric transport can quiet and clean up our roadways while potentially becoming a large source of energy storage - enabling renewable energy to thrive and lower the cost of power. Providing low-cost energy to all Islanders is one of my main goals as high energy costs disproportionately affect the most vulnerable. It is going to take foresight today to make the infrastructure investments we need for tomorrow, but we can make PEI energy self-reliant. I feel we can move beyond that to export energy if we steer ourselves into a position of true leadership.

I began working towards these goals in 2005, when I started my renewable energy company. Starting into business for the first time, I set my goal to educate and inform Islanders of options available to them as there was no one else offering this service. I knew if Islanders were made aware of “better” options, some would make the change to renewable energy. I also knew if some Islanders made the change they would tell their friends and neighbours; that is how things change on PEI - when enough of the populace becomes informed.

I have helped drive the Island to become one of the leaders in per capita installed solar in Canada despite P.E.I. having the least amount of incentives for renewable energy. I have worked around a number of poor policies and against unwavering politicians to enable this positive change.

I now see a path to help bring much needed change in our political culture. I don’t expect this venture to be an easy one either, but I have proven I am up to the challenge. As your Green candidate for District 22 Summerside-South Drive, I will continue to overcome hurdles to ensure the future we move into is one in which the needs of Islanders are better served by decisions today. In fact, the future should be one of the most important factors in decision- making, so youth are not forced to deal with the delinquent decisions of yesterday, Forward thinking and researching all angles of an issue to find the best resolution is what I have always tried to do best and is what I want to keep doing for District 22...and beyond.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 902-724-1234
Campaign Headquarters: 345 Water Street West, Summerside PE