Vote for future makes history on PEI

Victory.jpgThe last few months, and more specifically the last few weeks, have been some of the most exhausting – and most exhilarating - days of my life. Trying to get elected when running for a third party on Prince Edward Island is no small undertaking, but the truth is, elections are not won by individuals. They are won by dedicated teams of selfless people, and they are decided by brave and trusting voters.

I have had an opportunity to thank my team for their tireless enthusiasm, and now I would like to express my appreciation to each and every one of the citizens of District 17, who put their faith in me, and to all Islanders across P.E.I. who this week voted for some new politics on Prince Edward Island.

You voted for the future, and you made history here in our small province.  In the next four years, I will continue to contribute to the idea that politics can be done differently: that it can be engaging, open, and collaborative. I will bring forward new ideas, help to find the best solutions to the many challenges we face on Prince Edward Island, and strive to improve the lives of all Islanders.

It is an enormous privilege to have been elected to our Legislature, and I am truly humbled by the opportunity to represent not only the citizens of District 17, but to be the voice of the 22 per cent of Islanders who said with conviction that they are ready for REAL change here on Prince Edward Island.

Peter Bevan-Baker,

Leader, Green Party of P.E.I.