Fall Sitting Ends as Greens Continue to Stand Up for Islanders Despite an Out of Touch Conservative Government

Charlottetown, PE - The fall sitting ended with a PC majority government passing a disappointing capital budget and packing up for their Christmas vacation. The King Government spent the fall sitting ramming through legislation that does little to help Islanders, all while shutting down Green policies that would actually benefit everyday Islanders.

Here are the highlights from the Green caucus:

  • Fought to guarantee 5 paid sick days for Islanders. The majority government voted down that Green bill, instead passing a watered down bill that gives employees 1 day after a year of employment.
  • Fought for better protections for tenants in light of PEI’s low vacancy rate. The majority government said no, voting down a Green bill to extend the renoviction moratorium.
  • Passed a motion calling on government to create a comprehensive population growth strategy, an important strategy that government continues to delay and kick down the road.
  • Passed a motion calling on government to keep ATVs off the Confederation Trail, an issue of concern for Islanders from tip-to-tip.
  • Introduced five amendments to the Mental Health Act in order to improve mental healthcare for Islanders.

“Throughout this sitting we’ve seen how little the PC government understands and cares about what Islanders are going through. Whether it’s getting a family doctor, finding affordable housing or keeping up with the rising cost of living, Islanders cannot afford the King government,” said Leader of the Third Party Karla Bernard. “As Ministers pack up for the holidays, they should ask themselves: is this the best they could do for Islanders?”

“Our caucus will continue to listen to Islanders, bring their voices and concerns to the legislature, and hold government accountable.”