District 24 & 25 Nomination Meeting

Come out and meet the Green Party of PEI nominees for Districts 24 & 25 on September 24th from 7-9pm at the Vanier Centre in Wellington, PEI.  

Please see below for information on approved nomination contestants for each district.

We hope you can join us to lend your support to our Green candidates! All are welcome.

All members province-wide are eligible to vote in these nominations. You may vote in person at the nomination meeting, and if you are unable to attend in person you may request an online ballot before September 14, 2018 at 5pm, or appoint another member in good standing to act as your proxy (please notify us by writing to [email protected] if you choose to appoint a proxy).

The following nomination contestants have come forward and been found to be qualified to seek the nomination to run as Green Party candidates by Provincial Council:

For District 24

Nick Arsenault : Evangeline/Miscouche 



Acadien de souche et natif de la région Évangéline, Nick Arsenault est un fier résident de l’Île-du-Prince-Édouard. Depuis qu’il est de retour à l’Î.-P.-É. après avoir terminé ses études, il a été enseignant à l’École Évangéline, journaliste à La Voix acadienne et maintenant, détient le poste de directeur général du Conseil scolaire-communautaire Évangéline.

Dans ces rôles qui sont très interreliés avec les jeunes et moins jeunes, Nick a su apprendre davantage sur les enjeux et réalités des Insulaires.Il a été capable de passer du temps à apprendre, écrire et discuter avec toutes les sortes de personnes qui vivent à la province, au tant chez la communauté francophone que la communauté anglophone.

Il est très impliqué dans la région Évangéline et ailleurs dans la province depuis nombreuses années et se porte bénévole là où l’on a de besoin.Au fil des ans, il a joué divers rôles afin d’assurer le succès d’évènements culturels, sportifs ou autres, et il continu à siéger à nombreux organismes communautaires.

Nick amènerait au parti Vert une voix francophone forte et une voix de fier Insulaire, avec un désir sincère et honnête d’aider cette province à bouger dans les bonnes directions.Selon lui, il y a des exemples de progrès dans d’autres provinces ou pays, dans les domaines de la technologie, de l’environnement et de la société en générale, qui devraient être considérés plus sérieusement afin de faire avancer les choses.

Il est encouragé par les propos et l’ouverture au changement du parti Vert, et croit qu’à long terme, les idéologies du parti aideraient le progrès et l’amélioration de la vie ici à l’Île-du-Prince-Édouard.

Nick habite dans la région Évangéline avec son épouse et ses deux enfants.  En effet, ses enfants sont une grande source de motivation à l’idée de se lancer en politique, étant donné qu’il croit fermement dans les valeurs et la vision à court et long terme du parti Vert.


As a first-language French Acadian, born and raised in la région Évangéline, Nick Arsenault’s  roots run deep here on Prince Edward Island. He has come to understand the importance of the francophone language and the Acadian heritage to the Island’s history and its future.  Still today, the francophone community must advocate and fight to ensure survival; we make advances, but the battle of being a minority population is everlasting and remains a struggle. We must continue to be resilient.  

Since returning to the Island after studies, Nick worked as a teacher for l’École Évangéline, a journalist for La Voix acadienne, and now, executive director of le Conseil scolaire-communautaire Évangéline.  He is currently in charge of sports for the upcoming Jeux de l’Acadie 50+, on the board of the Evangeline Recreation Commission and organizer for the Acadian Festival. in his free time, he loves spending as much time as he can at the hockey rink, the golf course or the gym.  

Nick  brings to the Green Party a strong Francophone voice, and also a proud Islander’s voice with a sincere desire to help our province move in the right direction.  We must be willing to move faster in the direction of progress, as opposed to staying safe with what we know. There are amazing examples of technological, environmental and societal change in other provinces, countries or continents, and though we acknowledge them, we do nothing about it.  This must change.

The Green Party is grounded in timeless values which have the potential to ride us well into the 21st century and beyond.  Given the small size of Prince Edward Island, things can be accomplished a lot faster. The Green Party not only promotes a solid platform that essentially doesn’t change, it promotes a way of being that we can all teach our children.

More diversity in culture and a wider age-gap is required in our modern Legislative Assembly.  There are too many elected officials who look the same and think the same. The younger generation, which I would like to call myself a part of, is tired of politics as usual.  The bantering that takes place during the Legislative Assembly is often embarrassing to watch as an Islander. There must be a better, more effective way to govern our province. And we must have the courage to make decisions which time have come.  

Living conditions are not always as rosy as they are sometimes portrayed.  Financial strain is a true burden for the majority of younger and older couples.  Can this be sustained long term? Do we want to continue to support such a system?  How can we live a life to our fullest potential when we are constantly worried about bills and making ends meet?   It is a silent reality that doesn’t garner enough dialogue.

Nick and his wife are raising two wonderful children who are well on their way to independence.  He wants to be sure there is a bright future for them here on PEI. That gives him motivation to submit his candidacy for the Green Party.  


For District 25

Jason Charette: O'Leary/Inverness


A desire for sustainable change  is what drives Jason Charette. Hailing from a small farm nestled in the beautiful coastal forests of Prince county, Charette divides his time between his rural mail route with Canada post, spending time with his infant daughter, and not at all least, gradually converting his homestead into a sustainable mixed-use farm.

As a new father, Jason  understands the needs of the many families across his district, and the island as a whole. As an advocate for child literacy and education, he is committed to finding solutions for families to promote life-long learning. A strong family support structure and access to community programs for growing families are among the major needs of rural families. Charette hopes to represent district 25 families and be their voice for positive change.

With a strong interest in historical farming, Charette and his family utilize all manners of sustainable practises to produce food products with as little off island imports as possible. Found on Charette’s Farm, Misty Thicket, is a wide assortment of classical farming methods such as wattle fences and block planted crops. With these sustainable approaches, he is able to produce a high yield garden with only the resources at hand. Jason Charette takes great pride in his work on the land, tending to his heritage breed chickens and growing a cellar full of vegetables.  Our land is fertile, but nevertheless food security is an issue that affects all islanders. Charette believes that small farms are key to our growth, the key to giving islanders more control over the food on our tables.

Although his employment takes Charette away from home for part of the day, it has given him the opportunity to speak with rural islanders on daily issues and challenges that face the modern rural resident. From the concerns of high capacity wells, the worrying state of the rural doctor shortage, and the ongoing issues with the overuse of pesticides, he understands their concerns and sees the same issues from his own front door. With a strong drive for the rural life in PEI to continue to thrive over the coming years, Charette is looking forward to serving the residents of district 25 with a voice that is rooted in the life so many of us lead. A rural life worth protecting.

Prior to starting his farm in Prince County, Charette worked for over a decade in the telecommunications industry. Working closely with employees and customers alike he has the experience to listen, assess, and understand the problems at hand.

Jason Charette will bring his drive and ambition to the honorable role of a Green Party Candidate. He looks forward to serving the residents of the District 25 (O’leary – Inverness) in the upcoming election.

September 24, 2018 at 7:00pm - 9pm
Vanier Centre, Wellington, PE
Wellington, PE
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