2021 Provincial Council and Ombuds Committee Candidates

For Vice President


Patrick Lévêque

NominatorsJean-Paul Arsenault, Sarah Saunders, Roy Johnston, Karen Murchison, Greg Bradley

Patrick Lévêque has been involved with the Green Party of PEI since 2015 when he served as Campaign Manager for the provincial election campaign in which the party won its first ever seat. Since 2015, he has worked in the Green Party’s caucus office at the Legislative Assembly. He is currently the Principal Secretary in the Official Opposition Members’ Office where he leads research and policy development activities and provides strategic advice. During that time, he also served in various capacities within the Green Party itself, including on the Constitution Review Committee (2017), the Platform Committee (2019), and as Chair of the 2019 Provincial Election Campaign Committee. On the side, Patrick is working on his M.A. (Island Studies) at the University of Prince Edward Island, where he is researching rural governance on PEI. He has a recent published on PEI politics, and is co-authoring the PEI chapter for Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation’s upcoming State of Rural Canada 2021 report (expected this fall). Always one to get involved in community groups and organizations, Patrick is currently a board member with the Winter River-Tracadie Bay Watershed Association, and previously served on the Town of Stratford's Accountability and Engagement Committee, the Institute of Island Studies Executive Committee, the Rural Policy Learning Commons' Rural Governance Network, and formerly served on the board of the Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation. Originally from St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, he lives in Suffolk (District 8: Stanhope-Marshfield) where he designed and built his net-zero home.

Why I am running for the role of Vice-President
I am seeking election for the role of Vice President because I believe that the future success of the Green Party of PEI, and ultimately the furthering of green values, lies with our ability to organize and build the Party. For me, this comes down to building strong communities of greens. We need to shore up our bases in urban centres while expanding our support in rural communities across the Island. But we need to be strategic and smart at the same time, making the best use of limited resources. Our greatest resource, however, has always been the superb enthusiasm and dedication of our supporters. I feel the Party needs to pay particular attention to how we engage our members and build on this energy, staying in tune with our grassroots values and supporting the well-being of our local green communities. My background and experience in rural community development and my deep knowledge of PEI politics give me useful skills and insights into how the Party can tackle upcoming opportunities and challenges strategically while maintaining and strengthening our commitment to green principles.


For Secretary-Treasurer


Chrismarlon Perera

Nominators: Peter Bevan-Baker, Ann Bevan-Baker, Lynne Lund, Jordan Bober, Eddie Childs

My name is Chrismarlon Perera. I grew up in Sri Lanka and moved to Charlottetown in May 2015 where I am currently employed at Hinduja Global Solutions Inc as a Lead Associate. I am applying for the Secretary-Treasurer position with the GPPEI Provincial Council.

I have held the volunteer note taker position on Council last year. In my undergraduate studies in business administration at UPEI I have done accounting subjects and I am currently studying for my financial licensing on life insurance and segregated funds in PEI, therefore I have the technical knowledge of how the treasurer’s position works and since being in council for the past 1 year and working as a volunteer for the D10 election and also serving in the election readiness committee, I am familiar with the Council’s internal environment.

For the past 5 years, I had the opportunity to work with other island organizations improving my leadership skills. For example, holding the Secretary position for the Sri Lanka Canada Association of the Atlantic Region since 2019; working as the Secretary of the Indo-Canadian Association of PEI from 2017-2019, position which gave me the opportunity of organizing several cultural events and fundraisers;  acting as the Vice-President for the Premier Toastmasters Club of Charlottetown from 2015-2017; and working as a Night Manager in a restaurant called Shawarama House currently known as Alexandra Pizza for three years (2015-2018),  where I gained further communication and conflict resolution experience.

With this experience on the Council and in these other positions, I hope I will be a strong candidate for this position. I would bring leadership skills and my knowledge to help the council achieve its goals.

Why I am running for the role of Secretary-Treasurer
I would like to be elected to the role of Treasurer so I can bring my skills and experience to the party and love to work towards the growth of the party since I have always had an interest in politics. I love helping people and am passionate about equality for all. I share the core values of the Green Party, including leaving a sustainable environment and society for future generations. 


For Membership & Volunteer Chair


Ryan Cooke

Nominators: Sally MacDonald, Greg Bradley, Isaac Mazer, Barbara Dylla, Omair Imtiaz

I am originally from West Prince, and moved to Charlottetown in 2006 when I attended university.  I am a licensed Professional Engineer with 10 years of experience in developing energy conservation projects, and capital project management.  I first became involved with the Green Party in 2018 and remained active through the 2019 election. I am now looking forward to supporting the party as we move to the next election using my career experience to help organize our efforts as Membership and Volunteer chair.  In this role I would work to improve upon our standardized approaches to managing volunteer requirements.



For Fundraising Chair


Maria Rodriguez

Nominators: Jordan Bober, Eddie Childs, Phil Ferraro, Sally MacDonald, Trudy White

Maria Rodriguez was born and raised in Venezuela and emigrated to Canada 27 years ago. After living in Québec and Ontario, she has called PEI home for the past eleven years. Maria retired in 2020 after twenty years with the federal public service, where she held a variety of responsibilities, most recently with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada as Manager, Science Policy and Partnerships.  She has many years of experience in science-based policy analysis, participatory processes, and partnership development, nationally and internationally, and is a strong advocate for inclusive decision-making and the need to create spaces and build capacity for active citizen engagement. She has been active in the party's committee work, including policy process development, motions submission support, and strategic planning. Maria holds an agriculture engineering degree from the Central University of Venezuela and a Ph.D. from McGill University, Montreal. She has four daughters, two grandchildren, and lives in Montague.

Why I am running for the role of Fundraising Chair
In 2020 I was first elected for this position, which was vacant and had one year left on its term. My interest in fundraising was, and still is its intersection with membership engagement and what this means for building capacity in the party. I thought that, in our rapidly growing party, membership engagement and fundraising strategies were two sides of the same coin that needed to go hand in hand. More engaged members would help expand the party base, which would, in turn, expand the funding base, in a virtuous circle.

We were able to take initial steps in that direction this past year, though much remains to be done. Restrictions brought about by the pandemic played some role in limiting engagement activities, but we also needed to start breaking through some silos, think of ways to work more collaboratively, and open opportunities for an enhanced role of members. Fortunately, the current council has been supportive of this evolution, and several volunteer members have stepped up, which is why I am re-offering to stay on board in the same role for now (however disclosing that I was one of the advocates of the proposal to modernize the council structure which, if adopted, will result in the fundraising chair position ceasing to exist in its current form).


For Central Representative


Aaron Brown

Nominators: Jordan Bober, Maureen Blake, Maria Rodriguez, Margot Maddison-MacFadyen, Susan Hartley

After graduating from UPEI with a degree in English literature, I began a career in human resources. Following ten years in this field, I entered the affordable housing sector as the CEO of Habitat for Humanity PEI. After serving in that role for 3 years, in 2020 I accepted a role with a federal agency as an affordable housing specialist. In addition to my professional roles, I have been involved with several boards-of-directors including the Learning Disabilities Association of PEI, Big Brothers Big Sisters PEI, the Canadian Congenital Heart Association, and the Association for Community Living of PEI. I have also been involved with the War Amps of Canada since 2014. When I'm not working, I'm an avid reader and writer. I live in Cornwall with my wife and seven year old son.

Why I am running for the role of Central Representative
I have been keenly interested in Island politics since I first moved here almost 20 years ago. Over the past number of years I have been drawn to the Green Party of PEI's 21st century vision for the province, particularly on key issues such as housing, mental health, and the environment. This vision, combined with my professional background and lived experience as the father of a child with a physical disability, have inspired me to get involved and help grow the Green Party of PEI by bringing my skillset and putting it fully behind the party.


For Eastern Representative


Omair Imtiaz

Nominators: Sally MacDonald, Barbara Dylla, Anna C Keenan, Jordan Bober, Eddie Childs, David Woodbury

I was born and raised in Dubai, U.A.E., and moved to The Maritimes in 2007 to further his education in post secondary biology and health care. My educational background includes a Resident Care Worker Diploma from Eastern College as well as a Bachelor of Science degree from UPEI. I did a Biology major and a Psychology minor. Some of my areas of interest and skills include photography, climate change, cycling, drones, construction/ renovation/ retrofitting, latest tech/ gadgets, newcomers (and the different communities on the Island), sustainability, off-grid and tiny living, feel good stories, activism, food, all things outdoorsy, all things winter (yep this is my favorite season), exploring/ traveling (especially finding the hidden and not so hidden gems on PEI), networking, and upcycling!

Why I am running for the role of Eastern Representative
I would like to nominate myself for the position of Eastern Representative because I have had the opportunity to work in Belfast at the Gillis Lodge since 2012. Over the years, I have gotten to know much of the community because I have been a care provider for the parents and grandparents of the families that live around the area. I've gotten to witness the true hospitality and warmth the people in this region have to offer and as a result I ended up purchasing a house just 3 minutes down the road. I've been working on renovating the house since then and hope to move in before the winter of 2022. I think, getting to know the community over the years will put me in a good position to become Eastern Rep. This way I can bring not just their ideas to the table but also build a strong green community as well.


For Male Ombudsperson


Zane Nicholson

My name is Zane Nicholson and I am looking to reapply for the Male Ombudsperson position!

I held this position two years ago and loved learning the inner workings of the PEI Green Party and would love to continue my journey. I am someone who is fair under stressful circumstances, enjoys policy, and able to listen neutrally to all sides of a situation.

I believe my previous work in municipal government in various coordinator roles and security management in the private sector make me a strong candidate for this position.

Looking forward to hearing from you and to getting back into volunteering more now that my wee one is getting into a better routine ;)

Hope everyone is warm and safe during this crazy time.


Greg Bradley

My name is Greg Bradley, and I would like to submit for the position of Male Ombudsperson, for The PEI Green Party.

I've always been that guy who people come to in their time of need, and helping them to acquire justice, or just fair treatment has always been a passion of mine.

I feel my passion for justice, diplomacy, and mediation skills will bring a lot to this position.

With over 45 years in the building trades, and over half of that time in supervisory positions, mediation, and problem solving  have always been in my toolbox, and if I can use those skills to help move my Party forward, then please sign me up.




Please note that a nomination for the Position of President was not received by the nomination deadline. In accordance with Bylaw 2 (3)(e), "Provincial Council positions for which no nominations have been received by the deadline for the 30-day voting period shall be subject to an open call for nominations from the floor at the first general meeting following the 30-day voting period. Subject to at least five (5) members in good standing supporting the nomination, members nominated from the floor of a General Meeting shall be elected by write-in ballot."