Devon Strang - District 6

Devon Strang lives in Stratford with his partner Sidney Reid and their two children. He is originally from Sydney, NS, and moved to Stratford in 2016. As a business development officer for Inclusions East in Montague, he is responsible for raising awareness of the organization’s efforts to support and advocate for the intellectually disabled, for promoting sales of the products created by Inclusions East’s social enterprises, and for helping to fundraise for a replacement of the organization’s aging training centre. Throughout his career, he has been focused passionately on innovative approaches to building more resilient and sustainable communities.

As someone who advocates for the intellectually disabled, Devon is proud that th Green party views vulnerable Islanders not as a burden but as people who deserved to be nurtured and to share in the warmth of our communities.

Having worked in the arts sector, he is proud that the Green party views community organizations and creative industries not as an afterthought but as valued contributors to the province’s economy and wellbeing.

"When I was approached to consider running as a Green Party candidate, I knew immediately that this was something I wanted to do, in no small part because my values align with those of the Party," said Devon. "As someone who is focused passionately on innovative approaches to building more resilient and sustainable communities, I am so proud that our party’s platform include strong and resilient communities as one of its pillars. But above all I’m proud of my community. Stratford is one of our Island’s fastest growing communities and it is a terrific place to live, work, and learn.

"Everyone here has been brought together by a common desire to make our communities the best they can be. We can all, as our slogan says, imagine something better. And, like many Islanders, I believe we have a real chance with this election to change how politics are done on Prince Edward Island."



Email: [email protected]

Campaign Headquarters: 24 Georgetown Road, Georgetown PE