Everyone knows that the Green Party counts much of the Island's top talent among its supporters! Join us on Sunday, September 27th for a spectacular online extravaganza, where you'll be treated to an evening of diverse performances by many talented Islanders. We're talking music, storytelling, comedy... there will be something for everyone, and every performance will be a celebration of who we are and what makes PEI special!

During the event, members of the audience will be invited to contribute towards the PEI Green Party's fundraising goals, helping build a "Hope Chest" of funds that will help the party run successfully to form the next government of PEI when the next election is called - and in the meantime, to win the upcoming by-election in District 10 Charlottetown-Winsloe!

Why "Dream-a-thon"? Earlier this year, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the PEI Greens launched an initiative called "Dreaming Forward", in which we have been inviting Islanders to help design a better post-COVID future for PEI. We know that the old "normal" just didn't cut it in so many ways, and is not something to which we should strive to return. Together, with your support, we have already changed the face of PEI politics. Together, there is so much more that we can and must change for the better!

September 27, 2020 at 4:00pm - 7pm
Green Party of PEI ·