Donations in Memoriam:
Ed Parker

Ed Parker was a passionate and dedicated Green ever since helping elect Peter Bevan-Baker in 2015. He joined Provincial Council and has volunteered on numerous Green campaigns since that time. As the Green Party of PEI's first-ever monthly donor, he believed in the power of many people supporting the party with small monthly donations - and he helped set us up for the success we have known since then. We will miss him dearly.

In recognition of this, Ed's family asked us to make it possible for people to donate to the Green Party in his memory. Please note: Under PEI law, you must be a resident of PEI in order to donate to the Green Party of PEI.

You may donate on this page using a credit card, or click here for more information including how to donate by cheque, email money transfer, or pre-authorized debit from your bank account.

Each PEI resident may donate a maximum of $3075 in 2021. The maximum annual tax credit is $500, reached after donating $1150. Tax receipts can only be issued for annual contributions exceeding $25.

Click here if you would like to direct your donation to a specific District Association.

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