Elections PEI ruling leads to withdrawal of Green Party nomination contestant for the District 9 deferred election

CHARLOTTETOWN -  Due to a ruling by Chief Electoral Officer Tim Garrity on the interpretation of a section of the Election Act this morning, the Green Party of PEI is announcing the withdrawal of Susan Hartley as a nomination contestant from tomorrow’s nomination vote for the District 9 deferred election.

The interpretation ruling has to do with Section 38 of the Election Act, which states that “No person shall be eligible for nomination in more than one electoral district.” Since the the upcoming election in District 9 is not technically a by-election, but a “deferred election” due to the death of candidate Josh Underhay, it is therefore the subject to an “amended writ” - which means that it is still considered to be part of the General Election, which took place on April 23rd.

The ruling by Elections PEI states that Section 38 applies in this case, even if the deferred election in District 9 is not concurrent with the election recently concluded in the other 26 districts. Since Susan Hartley had run as a candidate in District 2 in the recent election, she is therefore considered ineligible to run as a candidate in the District 9 deferred election.

The Green Party nomination meeting in District 9 will take place tomorrow, May 24th at 7pm at the Hillsborough Community Centre. The lone nomination contestant will be Dr. John Andrew, a fourth-generation East Royalty resident and who led an illustrious career as a medical physicist until his retirement in 2016, and is known in his community for his extensive work with local watershed protection and restoration.