Ellen Jones - District 16

Ellen Jones was born and raised in Cornwall PEI.  After her graduation from Bluefield High School, she became disillusioned with both the professional and educational opportunities available in her desired field of study - animal-assisted therapies - and chose to leave PEI to travel and gain relevant experience. Over eight years this resulted in professional development across six continents involving both people and horses.

Ellen has studied counselling, equine business management and has most recently achieved an Undergraduate Certificate of Coaching from Cambridge University. 

At twenty-six years old Ellen returned to her home community of Cornwall armed with a belief in grassroots programming and a desire to effect change. The Hughes-Jones Centre for People and Animals (HJC) was designed and built to fulfill this goal using what Ellen loved most - working with horses - to help at-risk youth build healthy relationships and valuable life skills.

After 10 years of serving the local and greater Island communities through her work at HJC, Ellen was displaced due to the Cornwall bypass and is in the midst of rebuilding her life and rural business in Prince Edward Island. 

To quote Ellen: "It was during the experience of dealing with the government and the expropriation process that I became more politically aware and came to the conclusion that in order to affect long term change, I had to be willing to step up. The Green Party’s values and desire to change the way politics operate in PEI resonated with me and made me believe that the voices of my community would not only be heard, but valued."


Email: [email protected]
Phone: 902-892-7301
Campaign Headquarters: 412 Trans Canada Highway, Cornwall PE

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Last evening I had the privilege of attending Steven Mannell’s book launch for “Living Lightly on the Earth” Building an Ark for Prince Edward Island, 1974-76 and although I should have left inspired, instead I left frustrated and thinking of how much short term planning without a vision can influence decision making.

The Ark was visionary, a project about redefining what a dwelling could be by incorporating sustainable design and experimenting with green ideas. I’m not going to delve deeply into the waters that were the political and environmental climate of 1970s, suffice to say there was a real push at the time to “live lightly on the land”. In 1974, PEI was leading an environmental movement, where today we have fallen behind.