Premier King, Act Now! Be Climate Accountable & Enact the Net Zero Carbon Act.

The Net Zero Carbon Act is a bill that was introduced by PEI Green MLA Lynne Lund and passed unanimously by the PEI Legislature in December 2020. This law is a key ingredient for the success of PEI’s climate action because it makes the government accountable for its actions to meet our emissions targets - and make PEI carbon neutral by 2040 - for the first time.

However, nearly a year later, the Net Zero Carbon Act is still waiting on the Premier and his cabinet to officially bring it into force. Until they do, they are just as unaccountable for progress in reducing carbon emissions as previous governments have been.

Lynne’s bill passed with unanimous support in the Legislature, however, nearly one year later, the King government still has not proclaimed it into law

Islanders and MLAs of all political parties agree that reducing our GHG emissions and fighting climate change is a top, urgent priority. That is why we expect the King government to bring the Net Zero Carbon Act into force as soon as possible, in order to hold it and future governments accountable for the commitments they have already made.

Take Action Today: Tell the Premier to bring the Net Zero Carbon Act into force!

Here are a couple of things you can do right now:

  1. Click here to send a tweet to Premier King, demanding that he make his government accountable to its climate commitments by proclaiming the Net Zero Carbon Act into law.

  2. Send an email to the Premier at [email protected]. Here is some suggested wording you can use and adapt:

Dear Premier King,

As an Islander, I am proud that our government together with all parties in the Legislature has committed to the strongest climate targets in Canada.

I am also tired of seeing both provincial and federal governments set targets only to repeatedly fall short of them. That is why the accountability measures included in the Net Zero Carbon Act, which passed unanimously in the Legislature last year, are so very important to securing PEI’s climate leadership not only in word, but in deed.

That is why I am asking you to proclaim the Net Zero Carbon Act into law without any further delay. This will give me confidence that the government means what it promises in terms of climate action. On the other hand, the longer it takes to bring such a unanimously supported and important law into force calls into question the urgency with which your government is treating the climate crisis.


[Your name]


You may also consider sending a Letter to the Editor of a local newspaper. Remember to keep your letter short and sweet for the best chance of getting published. Here’s how to contact them: 

The Guardian: [email protected]
The Journal Pioneer: [email protected]
Eastern and West Prince Graphic: [email protected]

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