Women's Institute Roadside Cleanup

The Women's Institute's Annual Roadside Cleanup is an important annual event that helps get our Island in tip-top shape again for the summer. We're thrilled to learn that the Cleanup will tentatively go ahead this year on May 23rd. Let's pitch in!

If you'd like to join a Green roadside cleanup crew, please RSVP here. We'll connect you with others in your area to form a lean, Green, roadside cleanup machine!

Note that the starting times of clean-ups will vary depending on the the team - we will connect all teams by Thursday, May 21st.

May 23, 2020 at 9:00am - 5pm
Karla Bernard Andy Dibling Julie Devon Dodd Doug Millington Shannon Murray Jacquie Collicutt Lissa Profit Anne MacKay Ann Greyborn Susan Benton Hartley Jane Thomas

Will you come?