We're hiring! Administrative & Operational Support Associate (Part-time, contract)

The Green Party of Prince Edward Island is hiring! We are looking to add an Administrative & Operational Support Associate to our team.

Nature of the Position

This is an independent contract position providing services to the Green Party of PEI as negotiated with and accountable to the Executive Director.

Position Overview

As Administrative & Operational Support Associate, you will work as an independent contractor to carry out administrative and operational tasks for the Green Party of Prince Edward Island, as agreed upon with the Executive Director. As an independent contractor, you will provide your own workplace and equipment, and be responsible for all taxes and deductions. You will be in charge of your own work schedule and methods of rendering the contracted services.

In this role, you will play an important part in the small but mighty operational core of the Green Party of Prince Edward Island, which includes a contracted Executive Director supported by volunteers on the Party’s Provincial Council, Committees, Working Groups, and District Associations, and working closely with our elected Caucus of MLAs. This operational core keeps the Party humming between elections and actively prepares for election campaigns.

This is envisioned as a part-time role averaging approximately 15 hours/week and billing at a rate of $18/hour. There is the possibility of this role expanding in future if both parties are amenable.

Services to be rendered

Services rendered by the contractor may include:

  • Maintaining/updating the Party database;
  • Adding content to the website (events, blog posts, etc);
  • Performing research as needed;
  • Corresponding with Party members and members of the public;
  • Assisting with the planning and execution of events;
  • Following up with donors;
  • Generating occasional reports and analyses;
  • Maintaining financial records;
  • Providing other services as may be mutually agreed upon.


The successful candidate for this position MUST possess the following qualifications:

  • Comfort with computer-based work and ease of learning new computer applications/platforms;
  • Has access to a functioning computer and internet connection;
  • Good personal organization skills;
  • Good written communication skills;
  • Able to work autonomously;
  • Ability to efficiently find and use relevant information.

Additionally, the following skills and experience will be considered as assets:

  • Experience using Google Drive and other Google products (Email, Calendar, Google Workspace, etc);
  • Experience working with database systems or CRMs, like NationBuilder;
  • Experience using spreadsheets;
  • Graphic design, website management/programming, social media or multimedia experience;
  • Political or campaign experience;
  • Business or Non-profit organization experience;
  • Financial management or bookkeeping experience.

To Apply

If you are interested in this role, please send a resume and cover letter outlining how you meet the qualifications outlined above to Executive Director Jordan Bober at [email protected] by July 18th, 2021.